Ahad, April 08, 2012

It's Fun

If there was one representative of each Zodiac sign, and they all made up one war team, which position would each individual sign have, and how would all of these different talents/ positions work in unison to create a team?

Gemini = the Spy (they can juggle so bloody much!)
Virgo = ensuring the troop's aligned just right
Libra = the pretend peacemaker who may not know what the hell the fight's about but they get a chance to look good
Aries = Commander (they are just not afraid to tell people to shut the hell up, even though like libra, they may just be clueless too but will attempt to lead the show anyways)
Pisces = they can make like the tree so they can really be anything depending on what the team needs. Don't give them the gun either, they may just swim away and forget to shoot
Taurus and Capricorn = organising the resources of the team
Cancer = the team doctor and team shrink
Leo = the one that wears all the badges, and made up titles. May kill the Aries for the commander title though
Aquarius and Sag = if you can find them, good luck.
Scorp = the master strategist. Don't send them to spy though... they may bring back too much paranoia


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